Who are we?

Agrojardim®’s goal is to contribute to the introduction of new habits and techniques from the development of agricultural areas, production of alimentary goods, environmental improvement, until the introduction of leisure areas; always having as background nature and its preservation, putting it at the service of populations, keeping its sustainability and balance.

Agrojardim® is represented in Europe and Africa by properly installed companies and with reference technicians in the several domains in which it intervenes, taking actions of responsibility and balance. Implementing projects where it ensures the viability and sustainability of these.

It is a group directed towards diverse areas of business, answering adequately to the client’s requests.

The activities developed aim always, ultimately, to contribute do the development of the communities and regions where it takes action.


Agrojardim®’s mission is to make possible the client´s vision, accomplishing the clients most demanding expectations in integral projects, multidimensional and geographically disperse, always contributing to the improvement of life conditions of the communities where these are developed.

Where we are

For the time being, Agrojardim® is headquartered on several countries of Africa, such as Angola, Guinea, Congo Democratic Republic. On Europe it has its headquarter in Portugal.