Agrojardim® companies offer to the client a global service and integrated at the landscaping solutions level, a concept that is not confined to the construction of space, it is also present at the source, presenting solutions for projects that are born from an idea.

Landscape Architecture

Disposing of technical services on the landscape advise area, we possess the skills needed to supply a project that reflects a green balanced and harmonic space.

Garden Construction

Garden Maintenance

Irrigation Systems

The water’s efficient utilization imposes itself in a context of great need to preserve this valuable resource that ensures life on Earth. We apply on the systems built and designed by us, intelligent and responsible solutions that allow us to save water and energy in situations of existent morphology and specific climacteric conditions.

Ensuring the plant’s correct growth, the irrigation systems installed such as dropwise, pulverization and aspersion, are activated and controlled by adequate control systems that ensure the longevity and beauty of green spaces. So, we dispose of specialized technical teams that ensure the correct execution of the designed irrigation system and ensure the proper maintenance, essential to preserve the integrity and proper functioning of each system.