The city is today the place where life happens so, to improve this life universe, Agrojardim® companies are particularly well habilitated to the execution of big urban requalification works.

Public Works and Urban Requalification

Parks and Streets

Urban Furniture

Land Containment Systems and others of erosion fight

Agrojardim® companies design and install erosion fight solutions constituted by organic blankets, blister cards of several materials, mattresses and gabions, palisades, etc.

Hydroseeding, being one of the most used solutions, is a process that consists of plotting over the field a composition of seeds, fertilizers, vegetable fibres and other additives, although it has bigger relevance on a context of correction of environmental impact caused by big construction works. This technique calls upon adequate and certified equipment for the effect, composed by mixing tanks and protection mechanisms, supervised by qualified technicians.

Inflating the water retention capacity by seeds, reducing the evaporation ensuring the fixation of nutrients and allowing the application of indigenous species, the hydroseeding presents itself as an efficient and balanced technique, answering and respecting the specific needs of the areas to be seeded